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Festive Bake - Fridge Magnet

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A Northeast Collaboration between James & Cris, NEt00n

Things are about to get serious....

Serious about iconic baked pastry products from famous North East pasty producers, that is. Sure there are pasties, bakes and other baked goods available from said shop but we all know what we really want. Really, really want. The FESTIVE BAKE. Warm, comforting and delicious Oh, & Christmassy! The Festive Bake will lift any mood, make any Geordie think of home and make all things right in the world. So local designers Lines Behind x NEt00n have come up with a way to always have that lovely reminder of home, well, in your home. They have produced a Festive Bake (A Taste Of Christmas) in the form of a magnificent fridge magnet to apply to your, well, fridge. It also makes a perfect Geordie gift for the person unlucky enough to not live up here anymore!

Festive Bake Fridge magnet measures 3 cm x 7 cm.

*Completely unofficial Greggs Merchandise