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Cheese Pasty - Fridge Magnet

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A Northeast Collaboration between Cris & James.

The mighty cheese pasty! The saviour of many a peckish lunch time on the go and the healer of many a horrid hangover, the cheese pasty is a North East institution and should be treated with the awe and respect it demands. Step forward North East designers Lines Behind x NEt00n, who have captured the pasty in all its cheesy glory by turning it into a fridge magnet. And a fine fridge magnet it is too, so real you can almost see the pastry flaking! The ultimate in Geordie gift giving, let's celebrate the cheese pasty and adhere it to our fridges with magnet based attachments. Down side, you'll be constantly craving carbs!

Cheese pasty fridge magnet measures 5 cm x 6 cm.

*Completely unofficial Greggs Merchandise